GPO is a multi-sector, global engineering company.

We design and manage the construction of transportation infrastructure, buildings, facilities for industrial use and the Automotive Industry while improving our environment in the process.


The origins of the Group go back to 1985 with the foundation of GPO Ingeniería, the first company and head of GPO, with the aim of providing engineering aligned with the concept of integral management of public works. GPO Ingeniería took off as a company thanks to the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992, as it contributed to the country's progress by being involved in the largest infrastructure projects.

In 2017, GPO Group enters into a partnership with Dar Group (, through which Dar achieves an equity interest in GPO. The reached agreement allows us joining an international first-rate professional network and, thanks to the Dar Group companies, GPO Group is rendering services to its clients in the five continents.

We have grown into a global engineering and architecture Group that is thoroughly involved in the development of railway and roadway projects, as well as in designing and managing the construction of fundamental public facilities, such as hospitals, schools, court rooms, prisons and cultural centers.

Currently, GPO Group is made up by the following companies:


Code of Ethics

To create real value to society through solutions tailored to the needs of our public and private clients
To offer innovative products and global service with local, community-based knowledge
Client | To fulfill the client's needs and expectations, guaranteeing full satisfaction, loyalty and trust.

Contracts | To sign contracts based on reciprocity, which would favour ongoing improvement of processes.

People | To value people and encourage continuous education, preserve their safety and health, and seek continuous quality improvement.

Ethics | To behave ethically, respecting everyone's integrity and dignity.

Social Responsibility | To preserve the environment in all actions, and contribute to healthy living and working environments for the community.

See GPO Code of Ethics

Processes | To have proactive attitudes with innovative solutions that assure ongoing improvement of processes.

Results | To generate positive results that allow for sustainable growth within a competitive market.

Legislation | To observe integrally and enforce all legal obligations and relevant regulations.

Independence | To be independent of any financial groups, construction groups or others that would hinder us in providing services based solely on our best technical expertise and free of any conflict of interest.

Quality Management System

A dedicated department manages all computing resources, ranging from a corporate intranet with fibre optic IP-PN Main link to all the necessary equipment for developing our databases and technical applications, as well the implementation of the latest technological advances.

GPO is one of the first consulting companies to be ISO 9001-compliant, a certification that adds to its ISO 14001, which guarantees that all our services are carried out under pre-established quality parameters, respecting the terms and budgets agreed upon with each client and minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

As a member of the Spain Green Building Council (Consejo Construcción Verde España, CCVE), GPO is inspired to fulfill project commitments while delivering sustainable buildings that are profitable and efficient in the long run.
GPO is managed by a highly skilled board of directors who, taking careful planning and a strict control of production as a point of reference, which allows creating real values in Society and offering innovative products, communicate the following policy to all the people who work in GPO.

See GPO Company Policy


GPO is a member, among others, of:
In order to be able to collaborate with all the international multilateral credit organizations in cooperation and development programmes, GPO is listed in the following registers:
Under the European Union cooperation framework, our register DACON G-567 enables us to take part in development programmes in countries in Eastern Europe (PHARE, TACIS, OBNOVA), the Mediterranean (MEDA) and Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific.

GPO Group

GPO is a multidisciplinary business group based in Europe and America: GPO Ingeniería y Arquitectura in Spain, Sam Schwartz Consulting in the USA, GPO Sistran Engenharia in Brazil, GPO Colombia, GPO Peru and GPO Argentina.

We are a multi-sector engineering company with global presence that renders planning, design, construction supervision and operational services in the transportation, building, automotive, energy and environmental industries. We have a portfolio of projects developed in more than 20 countries.

As a group that is committed to progress, we are interested in contributing to the improvement of the countries where we operate. Our philosophy is based on the fact that design and construction are inseparable, and that applying deep knowledge to each of these aspects is fundamental to the success of any project.


Board of Directors

President and CEO

Steering Committee

President and CEO
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Board of Directors
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